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We are always looking for exciting new ideas and articles from the barefoot community, and encourage barefooters of all types (walkers, runners, or just those out there living the barefoot lifestyle) to send us your ideas.

Our site is visited by thousands of readers a month, so it is a great way to share your work. In the first instance, please send us your idea and a few sentences about where you plan to go with it, and then we’ll reply with either a “yes,” “let’s make some adjustments,” or “sorry, but that idea has been done or won’t work for us at this time.”

We are looking for informational, editorial, shoe and gear reviews, or interview articles (and photos and other media) anywhere from 400-1000 words in length, depending on the topic. We pay a flat fee of US $15 per article that is non-negotiable at this time. We have other perks for writers who become regular contributors, so if you are interested, feel free to contact us.

Others Ways to Contribute

Another way that you can contribute to the barefoot and minimalist running community is to join our Facebook Group and connect with us on Twitter. We are always looking for videos as well, which we can share with members.